Bevel gear units
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Bevel gear units

SPN bevel-gear units are developed and produced to meet the highest stringent requirements, but still to be cost-effective. 

  • universally applicable
  • easy to install and adaptable
  • designed for use in machinery
  • economical

Profit from our advantages which have been proven over decades with a high quality standard and approven know-how.

  • a compact modular system
  • high power density
  • high efficiency
  • low noise
  • maintenance-friendly

Profit from experience gathered through the worldwide application of SPN gearboxes in our customer plants and machineries.

Fields of applicaton

Fields of applicaton

  • General mechanical engineering
  • special engineering
  • lifting device
  • Cable-car installations
  • Conveyors
  • rope and cable-making machines
Bevel gear units
Bevel gear units